Your Words Have Power

Every cell in your body eavesdrops on your internal dialogue. Whatever you consistently tell yourself becomes true for you. Words have power! What you express, you impress. Reciting empowering mantras clears your mind of disempowering self-talk and directs your energy wisely toward your goals. Here are a few mantras I’ve used to maintain my commitment to my goals, even when life seems challenging.

With faith the size of a mustard seed, I can move mountains. That’s a big claim! Have you ever seen a mustard seed? It’s tiny! To have faith that minuscule leaves no room for doubt. Absence of doubt is key to achieving goals. Tell yourself: There’s always a way when I’m committed.

When you commit to achieve great things, you must often leave behind old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. Many people are afraid of change or letting go of the past. This mantra helps me move beyond the past and embrace the magnificent future that awaits: Nothing great leaves my life without something better replacing it.

Most people re-create the same experience of reality in the midst of infinite possibilities. This mantra inspires me to create my life by design: I am in the eternal moment of choice and I have the freedom to choose.

The outside world may seem fixed or static, but in reality it is malleable based on your thoughts, words and actions. This mantra reminds me that I create my experience of reality. I am the Master Alchemist; the universe yields to the power of my intention.

And finally, my favorite mantra: When I change, the world around me changes – I have that much power!

Chicago CIO and Entrepreneur. Started @Orbitz, @AssureFlight, Team ITG, YourPrivateLine and others. I Love technology, startups and meeting interesting people.

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