Are we in control of our decisions?

I don’t generally post videos in my blog, but I found this one interesting.  This is a TED presentation featuring Dan Airely.  Dan presents some interesting findings on decision making and human behavior.  He shows how decisions we often make in life are predictable based on what is perceived better or easier.

The vast majority of people take the road most traveled because it is the easy choice. The decision is made for them and they blindly follow.  I call this the “Cruise Ship Mentality.”  All decisions are made for travelers on a cruise ship.  They show up and from that point forward everything is taken care of.  Conversely, successful people generally ignore anything that deviates them from their objective.  They pave the road that takes them to where they want to go.

The decisions we all make in life are key to our successes and failures.  We are faced with thousands of decisions and choices we have to make daily.  How we respond to them is what shapes our lives and makes us who we are.  The only thing that limits your potential is you. 

Amazing insight into personal decision making

NOTE: My blog clips the video a bit.  If you want to watch it on the original site in full size click here

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