Monthly Archives: October 2008

Welcome to The Serial Entrepreaneur!

My name is Jim Kerr. Many of my friends and colleagues affectionately call me a Serial Entrepreneur because I have built several early-stage businesses into notable firms including and was a millionaire by the time I was 30.

I am an average guy and try to downplay the Entrepreneur thing, but truth be told I suppose I am. I love to create something out of nothing. Even creating this blog gets me excited. I see the multitude of possibilities in my mind and I can’t sleep until they come to fruition. I suppose the name is indeed fitting for me and my blog… Welcome to The Serial Entrepreneur!

Having an idea, however, is not what has helped me succeed. Everyone has great ideas. I sincerely believe that the key reason I have been successful in life is because I help others become successful in their lives. This is why I have created this site. I can’t help everyone in the world and not everyone in the world wants my help. If you are reading this site, however, I’m hopeful that something within these pages will inspire you become the next Serial Entrepreneur.

Chicago CIO and Entrepreneur. Started @Orbitz, @AssureFlight, Team ITG, YourPrivateLine and others. I Love technology, startups and meeting interesting people.